Beer lovers can be first-hand witnesses to the miracle of turning water into beer. If our master brewer happens to have a moment of time, he can take you to the brewery to show you the finer aspects of beer-making. You can lean against a 500-litre beer barrel in which the valuable liquid is biding its time before it can flow foaming into tankards. By the way, the best option for tasting locally brewed beers is to order a sampling set – four small beers of your choice that make it easier for you to find a favourite.


Master brewer Jaan: For daily enjoyment, we have brews sold under the ‘house beer’ label, of which Humalakoda APA has won the hearts of many beer lovers. Our special brews are made only in one or two batches and enable us to be more adventurous with hops and malt, providing something exciting for true beer experts. But it is also true that the best beer is the freshest beer. So you can never go wrong by trying the latest brew.

Waiting to be tasted

Kuuse Willem

Historical Pale Ale 4,2% is brewed in collaboration with Tallinn University. The recipe originates from the 18th century and contains carrots, spruce tips and wine yeast. The result is a refreshing fruity pale ale with a sour spruce flavour

Humalakoda Pale

Humalasulane APA 5% - American Pale Ale brewed with fruity American hops Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. These hops give the beer a slight bitterness and a refreshing fruity aroma.

Humalakoda Punane

Amber Ale 5,5% - Amber coloured ale brewed with caramel malts and spicy hops to achieve a perfect balance between caramel sweetness and hoppy bitterness.